Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PSP Skin/Cover (Cheaper)

Hello every one! Don't you find it funny when you find things you're not looking for anymore? We do. :-)

I think it was only weeks ago when Naldo and I bought a skin for my PSP. Yesterday, we found one that's not as expensive.

This PSP deco skin is by Caliber. It's only 66 pesos so the quality is not as good as the ones by Ideaskin (refer to previous post here).
But it'll do specially when you're just trying to cover chipped paint. We got this from Japan Home Center - Cash and Carry Mall. Not sure if they have it in all their branches but you can always check. They also have skins for Nintendo DS and I-pod. Hope this post helps. :-) Peace!


  1. This is great that the skin shared here is having amazing look as well as its having a cheaper cost. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cell phone protection is very necesary. To protect your phone use psp skin cover.It gives protection to your cell phone and also give attractive look to your phone..

  3. I was looking for a very unique psp skin cover and i just got one from here. thanks