Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bakuman Live Action

Dear Anime and Manga Friends,

I'm sure you've already heard but this is for those who don't know yet. Takeru Satoh as "Mashiro" is perfection! Teaser and more photos at Crunchyroll. Release date is October 2015. Excited!!! Plus there'll be Titans a month before this. Excited, excited! Don't forget to mark your calendars!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stolen Shots

I really love it when friends take photos of us without our knowledge. These are my top five favorite stolen shots (of us) so far. Also, below are quotes about true love and happiness by yours truly. If there are already similar quotes out there, then I'm just happy that we share the same thought.

 To have true happiness is to have the right mindset.
To have true love is to have a good heart.
To find the right partner is to be a good judge of character.

You know you are happy for real when your heart no longer has space for hate or envy.

True love is not limited to what you've read in books or what you've seen in movies. It is never just between two people or between man and woman. It goes beyond religion, race, gender, or tradition. It is so much more than any person's idea of it. But no matter how it is defined, true love's ways and means are of kindness and honesty.

 True love is like a fairy. It only exists when you believe.

 True love is not supposed to be rare just as
true happiness is not meant to be elusive. 
The world is vast and is home to all kinds of wonderful.

*This is a bit late... still, we'd like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Go Green in the City 2015 contest. You guys rock for doing something that truly matters and that's truly helpful! Congrats to all the winners: Mohamad Meraj Shaikh (India), Marie-Laure Piednoir (France), John Paul Santos (Philippines), and Hüseyin Fırat Güldür (Turkey). You guys are real-life heroes and may you keep inventing more cool stuff. :-)

*Special thanks to our dear friends: Kevin, Reymand, Al, and Sylvia for our photos! 

*Oh! The photos are not really relevant to the quotes. Just wanted to share all these in one go instead of having two separate posts. ;-* 

The Oil Paint Store

When it comes to art supplies, Deovir is the go-to store in Metro Manila but you might also want to visit The Oil Paint Store. Please click << link to go to their website. Yes, you may buy their products online and they deliver anywhere in the Philippines.

Have a creative day lovelies!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Recycling Bottle Caps 1

With Papa Wave Store comes abundant supply of bottle caps and boxes.
For most people they're trash but for us they're VERY useful. It's because we use the bottle caps as paint palette and we're always painting.

At first, we thought of just sticking the caps directly on the board but the paint can't be really washed off. That would make the palette disposable and that'd be such a waste of glue and effort.

So to make the palette re-usable, we attached magnets on the board for the caps to stick on instead. This way, we can replace the bottle caps whenever we need to. It's a simple idea and that's what makes it great.

But... what's really awesome about this recycled paint palette is that we don't have to wash or clean it. We didn't only get to recycle, we also get to conserve water. It's truly earth-friendly and time-efficient. Plus, we can make different designs.

Anyway, we still have so many ideas on how to recycle bottle caps and we can't wait to make them. That's it for now. Cheers!

One Piece Fan Art: Den Den Mushi

Five months ago, an acquaintance gave us a nautilus shell and the first thing I thought of when I got it was a Den Den Mushi. (Special thanks to Barry and Emma for identifying the shell.) For those who don't know what a Den Den Mushi is... it's a snail that is used as a communication device or telephone in the world of One Piece. They kinda look like Gary the Snail in the Spongebob cartoons except the Mushis have dials and telephone cords attached to them. 

Anyway, we finally got some free time to make our Den Den Mushi! Sculpting is simply one of our favorite activities together.
It already looks nice without paint.

But with paint, it looks a lot more like Papa Wave Store's Den Den Mushi! Yay!

There are still two pieces missing. We will sculpt the mouth piece when we have the twisted phone wire already. Hopefully we find a colored one in Manila. 

    Bullo-bullo-bullo-bullo! ;-)


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Recycling Empty Glass Bottles 1

We think the second biggest problem here in Siargao Island is waste management. Unlike in the city, there's no junk shop here (that we know of) that's interested in buying or taking empty soda cans, glass/plastic bottles, and paper boxes. So this year onward, we will be very dedicated to recycling. And we're proud to say that we have indeed started recycling by turning empty Tanduay rhum bottles into gas lamps.

 Other materials used are the ff: empty soda can cut into strips, string from an old floor mop, paint. 

The painting was the fun part. We had 4 empty bottles so for the theme, we went with "four seasons". Naldo painted winter and fall. I did spring and summer (I chose the easiest of course! Heee!)

They're cute, yes?

We cant afford solar panels yet so for now these lamps will do.

Happy 2015 everyone!