Sunday, August 8, 2010


Toffifee is "A Hazelnut(10%) in a Caramel cup(41%) with Hazelnut Chocolate filling(37%) topped with Chocolate(12%)". We discovered it two Fridays ago and we just finished a box. It's as good as it sounds. You might want to try some. It's available at SM Grocery Stores. Have a sweet week every one!

p.s. Toffifee is made in Germany. :-)


  1. I'm really glad this German goodness reached you guys. I love this stuff too. However, a box never lasts as long as this when I have it. By far.

  2. Hello MisterFox! We totally agree! Toffifee is really awesome, a box shouldn't last that long. :-) I guess we really cherished the first box- hahaha! :-)

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by and take care!