Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Persona 3 Answers

Here are the answers to some of the Persona 3 questions. These are in order. You can print this page so that you don't have to check Google all the time. This list is not complete but should be enough to raise your charm. So focus on courage and academics instead. :-) (note: Please save your game every time and please read the comments below. It's weird but there might be different versions. So if a certain answer worked or did not work for you, please leave a message at the comment box below just to help the other players. And if a certain answer did not work for you, we'd like to apologize ahead. Thank you!)

Q: Taira No Masakado title claim for himself
A: Imperial prince

Q: Natural magic used to find water sources
A: Dowsing

Q:Some Europeans call this creature "devilfish"and refuse to eat it
A: Octopus

Q:Who established the Kamakura Shogunate?
A: Minamoto No Yoritomo

Q: Which is an example of comma splice
A: I went, I learned.

Q: What law served as a foundation for the development of feudalism?
A: Konden Einen Shizaihou

Q: What is the mystical study of Jewish texts?
A: Kabbalah

Q:What do you call the phenomenon when electrical resistance is zero?
A: Superconductivity

Q: Japanese phrase said before and after eating
A: Gochisou-sama

Q: Which book... magic... renaissance?
A: Hermetica

Q: Which of these is NOT one of Japan's prohibitions on nuclear weapons?
A: Can't let others produce

Q: Order of drinks at the club
A: ->Bloody Mary
->Oolong Tea

Q: In numerology, numbers 1-4 are called
A: Contractys

Q: Do you know why a matador's capote is red?
A: To excite the audience

Q: What is the number one source of stress for women?
A: Husbands

*** Please save your game whenever you can from now on because the next question has been making a fuss quite a bit.

Q: Who founded numerology?
A: Moses (was the answer that worked for us) but for some, it's PYTHAGORAS

Q: What is superconductivity?
A: zero electrical resistance

Q:The Ohnin War was one of two incidents that triggered the Sengoku Era. Which was the other?
A: Coup of Meiou

Q:How many calendar patterns are there?
A: Fourteen

Q: Natto comes from soybeans,too, but how is it made?
A: By fermenting them

Q: Who was the founder of Theosophy?
A: Madame Blavatsky

Q: Which one of these things is not Arabic?
A: Wristwatches

Q: Enzyme to break milk...
A: Lactase

Q: "Fuju wa tsutomete"means...
A: "Winter Mornings are pleasant."

Q: What is the ancient magical text I mentioned today? (date 11/12)
A: Upanishads

Q: (Heian beuty lecture) Do you think the men did these thing?
A: They did both.

Q: Which allotrope is formed by three oxygen atoms?
A: Ozone

Q: Junpei asked: Do you know what she's talking about? (lecture on plural forms)
A: Cacti

Q: When did the Battle of Dan-no-una begin?
A: 1185

Q: Which element is found in ozone?
A: Oxygen

Q:Which rule realtes to Lornetz Force?
A: left-hand rule

Q:Translate the ff: "Fuju wa tsutomete".
A: "Winter Mornings are pleasant."

Q: Which plural is formed correctly?
A: Cacti

end of post: Persona 3 Answers



  2. Thank you for the quizz answer! it really helped me a lot :D
    i'm playing P3 too, but in beginner mode *grins

  3. when will you post the list sir ^_^

  4. Hello! So sorry it's taking time, we're not done with our own list yet. But maybe this site can help you:

    Once on that site, scroll way down or Ctrl-F "SPECIAL fusions and RESTRICTED fusions". There's a list provided under that topic, which we think is complete, that might be exactly what you're looking for. :-)

  5. ow tnx btw tnx for the effort and i will w8 for your list though

  6. Alright but we can't promise a date. Right now we're busy making an armor for cosplay. Meanwhile, you have fun!

  7. great job with the answers!!! Helped me through the p3 portable version

  8. Q:Some Europeans call this creature "devilfish"and refuse to eat it
    A: Octopus

    You cant choose "octopus" in the psp version.
    The correct answer there is Jellyfish - maybe u could write it as a site note.

  9. We'll check on that. Thanks much! =)

  10. Don't know if this has to do with me having a PAL version or FES, but for the question:

    Q: Who founded numerology?
    A: Moses

    The correct answer for me was Pythagoras :)

    Thanks for the list though, it REALLY helped. Bookmarking this for my second playthrough ;)

  11. Yeah... there's been some "inconsistency" with the answers and you're probably right, it must have something to do with the versions. Thanks for letting us know, we really appreciate it.

  12. Q: Who founded numerology?
    A: Moses ---------------------WRONG!!!!!!!
    -----------------------------The correct answer is: Pythagoras!

    It thought I would save myself some time by coming here. No. I had to RESET the game because of this. During the Mid-terns. Ugh. Thank you. Luckily for me, I had taken very thorough notes, which I will be using from now on.

    1. Oh my god! You used an online guide provided as is and it was wrong! You poor thing, you actually had to reset the console and lose 1 minute while it was rebooting!

      I'll start a charity right away to compensate you for the lost time, and I'll make sure the writers of this guide hear from my lawyer! We can't have enough WARNING SIGNS on this website!

    2. Hi! I'm totally not the guy who just replied to this comment and I'd like to say that I support this anonymous handsome dude!

      This behavior is totally unacceptable even though we have Google and Wikipedia and the game was not designed to require online guides! I mean, they could have told us we'd have to THINK a little when playing an RPG?!

      I am assembling a think tank as I am writing this comment. We will deliver a report to the creators of this blog so that in the future they can avoid wasting a few minutes of your time by trying to be nice.

      If the other guy's charity ever bears fruit, I'll personally make a large donation. Your minutes spent playing video games should be reimbursed, even though you were just having fun and not doing something that benefits society.

      I will also track down the original development team and have them deliver a remake of the game to your door where you can finally achieve a perfect score on those pesky questions, because video games aren't mean to give us a good time, they're meant to be perfected to the last percent!

  13. Sorry about that Funkzillabot but this question has raised a lot of eyebrows. If you check these sites, or you'll understand what we mean. We too answered Pythagoras at first and got the "not so confident" response. For some reason our version chooses "Moses". So peace!

  14. Thank you for this :D

  15. Pardon me, but it's Fuyu wa tsutomete for one of the lat questions, not Fuju...

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  17. I am playing it on my pspvita again, thank u