Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PSP Skin

Yay! Today, Naldo and I got a new skin for my PSP. This one is by Ideaskin. We got it from SM Mall of Asia Department Store- toys section. It costs PhP349. They have assorted designs available for both PSP2000 and 3000. Mine is supposed to be 2000 but I didn't like the options. So I got the 3000 instead. The skin fits pretty well except for the (home-select-start) button area where there's just a tiny bit of silver exposed. But it doesn't matter, I really love my PSP's new look. By the way, the skin's use life is 12 months.

Happy gaming everyone but not too much! :-)

p.s. For a less expensive PSP skin, please click here.


  1. shirl bat daw wala ka dito sa ketkai ? hehehe we mizzzz u much... c annalou cant stop talking bout u. were remicsing here.

  2. Wow...really cool skin. i like to have this skin on my psp and want to provide my device a stylish and cool look.

  3. We have the same psp skin :o