Friday, August 27, 2010

Sipahh Straw

I love anything strawberry. So when I came across this strawberry-flavored straw, I was like "EUREKA!".

On the packaging it says, "A great Australian invention." and at the back it says, "Dip a Sipahh into a glass of cold milk, sip and say... Ahh!". I did exactly all those. Lol!

So what happens the moment you sip is that the beads inside the straw give the milk the flavour. Each pack has 5 straws and each straw is used once only. It comes in different flavors. Prices may vary in different stores but this one I got for PhP35ish from SM Hypermarket-Milk Section.

Hope every one finds joy in the simplest of things. Have a great Friday!


  1. I've been wanting to buy Sipahh but couldn't find them in any of our premier supermarkets here Metro Manila Philippines. My 1 year and 4 month old baby has been breast feeding since birth and would not drink any brand of kids' milk appropriate for her age unless its probiotics like the popular yakult.. We are trying to wean her now and would like her to drink milk as supplement to her daily nourishment.. Then I thought of Sipahh which my 2 sons enjoyed before but couldn't find them anymore.. Is there a specialty store here in Manila which sells Sipahh in continuous supply so I dont have to keep looking for it? Please reply at my email: or at 09209523258. Anyone's help will greatly appreciated. thank you very much

  2. Ok. Its in SM Hypermarket but still not all them probably have continuous supply of Sipahh. This is frustrating... I probably went to SM stores which didnt have the supply..

  3. Hello Sam! Have you tried Rustan's? We will definitely send you a message as soon as we find it again. =)