Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eiga Sai 2010

The Japan Foundation Manila in celebration of Philippines-Japan friendship month held a two-week film festival of full-length Japanese feature films at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 4, Shangrila Plaza, Edsa.
Unfortunately we were only able to attend two days of it. Highlighted below are the movies we watched. :-)
Last July 4 was our first time to attend Eiga Sai and it was quite an interesting experience. On the way to Shang we knew that the movie we were after starts at 1:30. We CONFIDENTLY arrived at 1 only to read the sign "tickets no longer available" at the counter.

Twilight Eclipse and Toy Story 3 were also showing that time. So I was like "What the heck! We ran out of tickets?!?"

Deciding to watch the 4:30 movie, the ticket lady informed us that they'll only release tickets an hour before. We were confused but decided to wait. Silly how we didn't ask how much the tickets were because later we found out that it's free. Ergo, the sign. Ergo, the wait. Ergo, the long line. Golly!

Although we got good seats last time, we did even better today. :-)

Can't wait next year. A little tip - you have to be there two hours earlier because the line gets really long just for the tickets and there's another line for the seats. It's first come, first served unless you have complimentary tickets.

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