Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Atashinchi No Danshi (live-action)

Atashinchi No Danshi or My Boys is a Japanese Comedy about a homeless girl named Chisato who spent years of her life hiding and running away from debt collectors. One day, she meets a rich man who offers to pay off her debts if she married him. She takes the offer after finding out that he only has a month to live. A month later, she finds out that he had more conditions than just being his wife. She also has to live in a castle named Trick Heart, be a mother to his six sons and complete different tasks with all of them. The thing is the sons despised each other and they definitely didn't like the idea of having Chisato as their mother.

We've seen this a few months ago- just forgot to blog about it. Notice the photo clip above. It kinda has the same motto as Gurenn Lagann, don't you think?

Anyway, it's a super happy series period. We loved all eleven episodes and we are definitely gonna have a Trick Heart Castle of our own. Yay to dreams!!!

And oh, Chisato is played by Maki Horikita, same actress who played Ashiya in Hana Kimi. She's sugoku kawaii!!!

So hope you find time to watch it. Just take it lightly... it's all heart. Have a fun, fun day!

Thanks to Pol for sharing this. :-)

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