Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I think Bakuman is an awesome manga. It's written by Ohba ,the writer who brought us "Death Note". Bakuman maybe shonen but as a girl, i like it a lot. It's serious. It's motivating. It's interesting... there's a certain "fun" to it that makes me want to read more. I'm on Chapter 60 now and I thought I should blog about it. I haven't skipped pages. I've read it with all my heart and I must say it's worth the time. I love how unbelievably humble and healthy-minded the characters are. It's nice to see good people in stories. It gives me hope that it's not just me wishing for people to be rivals and friends at the same time. I see campaign for peace behind Bakuman. Whether I'm wrong or correct, it's what I have chosen to see.
Anyway as for the art... I'm not really good at drawing so i don't think I'm reliable enough to say the art is good. But my artist friends say the art is great. So I'll take their word. It's also nice to learn a little about mangakas and the manga industry itself. Bakuman is about two schoolmates who decided to be mangakas. I won't tell more than that. After all, there's wikipedia for spoilers.

My favorite character in this series is Eiji Nizuma. If you read Bakuman, i think he might become your favorite character too. Anyway, I wish you find time to read it. Love and peace everyone!

Big thanks to Myke M. for introducing this.
note: We DEFINITELY DO NOT OWN the Bakuman poster image above. Thank you!


  1. You're right...Bakuman is amazing. I just started reading Bakuman recently, and I love it. Moritaka is a rare kind of character...incredibly good-hearted. I want to be a mangaka, and I found everything invaluable. This is such an inspiring, underrated manga. :)

  2. Wow! It's nice that you feel the same way about Bakuman. You're right about it being underrated. I bet you know that there's an anime of it now.

    Anyway, we hope you go after your dreams... just make sure you take care of yourself. Don't get sick like Moritaka. And when you become a successful mangaka, drop us a note so we can congratulate you. =)