Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to prevent blisters caused by new shoes

When shopping for ladies shoes, comfort comes before style. I know that. But there's something about new pairs that ALMOST always cause blisters at the back of my ankles.

To prevent that, I get myself these Scholl heel leather liners. I discovered this product like a year ago but the other day I just found out that not everyone knows about it.

This Scholl heel liners are really helpful. It does exactly what it says on the package.

It is made in India (one of the few that's not made in China-lol!). This leather heel liners cost 213 pesos per pack. One pack contains one pair. There's actually a gel version which is definitely more comfy but it's twice the price. Scholl has other kinds of products for shoe comfort that you may need and they're available at any Watson's, Mercury Drugstores and ladies' socks section of SM Dep't stores.

Now if you find this too expensive, you can always use band-aids or gauze strips and improvise. I just wanted to share that there is such product as Scholl just in case you didn't know. Peace!

This post by: Shirl

Naldo never had any problem with his shoes. I don't think men ever do, now... do they?

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