Monday, November 23, 2009

Mangaholix Manga Mania '09

Mangaholix Manga Mania '09 - was a two-day(November 21-22) anime, manga, gaming, toys and cosplay convention held at World Trade Center (Philippines).

We were there only on the second day and these were the cosplayers we saw. The list below is NOT at all complete. Naldo went as Char Aznable this time with the mask and helmet. Shirl went as movie Urd.

All cosplayers' photos (left) were taken by Shirl unless indicated. All reference photos (right) were taken from the internet. The only thing we did in photoshop was crop the photos, label and put the cosplayers' and reference photos side by side.

We'd like to apologize for the following:
1. Low quality and terrible pics- Shirl isn't really much of a photographer- yet.
2. The reference photos are not the exact pose match. We really tried to get the closest.

Anyway, here they are in alphabetical order basing on the characters' names.

FYI: Char's mask and helmet are WHITE in the animated series.
This guy right here played his character really well. He was able to do ninja moves and jutsus without hurting anyone. His enthusiasm level was definitely Rock Lee.

Mangaholix was a week after Anime Overload Fest. Lucky for Shirl, this particular Urd outfit is really easy so she just used the pieces ready from her closet. As for the top, she couldn't find the same cut so it's a little bit different. It's a cosplay crime- she knows and is really sorry!

We think the cosplay collision was a little unfair. The Mangaholix Staff should have matched characters in the same category like cute vs. cute (example Chi-Chobits vs. Pinny-Disgaea) or girl vs. girl and boy vs. boy. We've noticed that the boy cosplayers went really gently with their girl opponents except for one who hit Rinoa with a giant crocodile.

Here are short and shaky videos of cosplay collision. (Both videos were taken by Shirl.)

Pinny was sooo cute, Kamen Rider Ixa couldn't do a thing. Awww!!! That was an obvious win.

Gundam made little Red Power Ranger cry. Audience gave a loud boo. Gundam lost because of that. Actually we think he was only trying to protect his costume otherwise that kid would have torn him apart.

We would like to thank for sharing some of his photos with us, our Kamen Rider friends for being awesome cosplay friends, Bujecht and Ronnie for the infinite support . :-)

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