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Beast Player Erin

Beast Player Erin (Kemono no Sou-ja Erin) is an anime about a green-eyed girl who can tame creatures with the use of her harp.

We like how everything (characters, setting, timeline, plot, etc.) is presented. It is so simple but not at all draggy. Since the chapter titles already give hints on what the episodes are about, then it's really silly guessing what's going to happen. What we're trying to say is that this is not a "guess-who-the-real-villain-is" or "guess-the-ending" kind of show. This anime gives you more than that. This show is so full of heart which you'll have to see for yourself.

Anyway, here are photo clips and quotes from each chapter. All quotes are from the subtitle, we didn't change a word of it. The subtitle isn't perfect but it's understandable. :-)

Chapter 1:Green-Eyed Erin
This isn't really a quote but we love the closing song specially it's last two lines.

Chapter 2: Soh-yon the Healer
The girl is Sah-ju - Erin's bestfriend in Akeh Village.

Stringent -adjective 1. rigorously binding or exacting; strict (definition from

Chapter 3: The Fighting Beast
This is Dahmiyah - the Shin-oh's nephew.

Chapter 4: Secrets in the Mist
All workaholics think about is work - SO NOT TRUE! Just one of the things that this chapter reminds us. So if you live with one, don't forget to thank them for working so hard for you. We all have our ways to express our love and as they say just because it's not the way we want doesn't mean they don't.

Chapter 5: Erin and the Egg Thieves

Chapter 6: Sohyon`s Warmth

Chapter 7: A Mother`s Whistle
These are Nugan and Shunan - the Grand Duke's sons

Chapter 8: Joh-on the beekeeper

Chapter 9: Honey and Erin

Chapter 10: Birds of Dawn
This is Ia-lu - a sehzan or bodyguard of the Shin-oh and the royal family.

Chapter 11: Inside the Door

Chapter 12: The Silver Feather

Chapter 13: Valley of the Beast King (Ohju)

Chapter 14: People of the Mist
This is a recap episode of chapters 1-13.
This is Na-sohn - watchman and explorer of the People of the Mist.

Chapter 15: The Two's Past
These are Nuk and Mok.

Chapter 16: Ialu the Seh-zan
We think it should be "turn our backs to all...".

Chapter 17: Shin-oh in Danger
This is Princess Seimiyah - heir to the throne, granddaughter of Shin-oh Harumiyah.

Chapter 18: Master Esal
Master Esal: "This isn't Tamu-Yuan. At Kazalum, the Grand Master spends most of her life here. You won't be able to do your jobs, if you had any ambitions."
(Although this quote may seem odd, you'll understand what she's really trying to say once you watch the series. The "ambitions" has deeper meaning. )

Chapter 19: Friends at Kazalum

Chapter 20: The Ohju named Lilan/Lelang
There seem to be more than 1 person translating. Watching the series, we have noticed a lot of the names (spelling) change. Although we don't really mind it. We're just happy that Japan is able to share this with us.

Chapter 21: The Disappearing Light
This is Tomura -one of Kazalum's top students and a friend to Erin.

Chapter 22: The Harp's Sound

Chapter 23: The Oath of Kazalum

Chapter 24: Song of Grief

Chapter 25: An Errand for Two

Chapter 26: Lilan's/Lelang's Feelings

Chapter 27: Fallen into Hikara

Chapter 28: Joh-on's Death

Chapter 29: The Beast's Fangs

Chapter 30: The Fourth Winter

Chapter 31: Luminous Sky

Chapter 32: The Great Crime

Chapter 33: Flying

Chapter 34: Ia-lu and Erin

Chapter 35: A New Life

Chapter 36: The Graduation test

Chapter 37: Birth
This is Shiron- the third girl student at Kazalum.

Chapter 38: Shin-oh Harumiyah

Chapter 39: Tohda Attack

Chapter 40: A Nation in Shadow

Chapter 41: The Truth of Shin-oh
Shin-oh Harumiyah: "You have such composure. Even if the pond was murky, you would surely still be able to catch the fish swimming in there. "

Chapter 42: Seimiyah's Tears

Chapter 43: Beast Healer

Chapter 44: Akun-Meh-Chai

Chapter 45: Caged Bird

Chapter 46: The Bond Between the Two

Chapter 47: A Pure Night

Chapter 48: Dawn of Tahai-Azeh
We think the snow effect in this episode was too much.

Chapter 49: Final Battle

Chapter 50: Beast Player

Here’s a link to the official site (it's in Japanese but you can "google translate" it):

Here's where you can watch the complete series:
Downside of this site is that if you're not an anime member, you'll have to experience a lot of ads.

FYI: This is a fan-post. We do not own any of the Beast Player Erin images. Thank you!

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