Friday, December 11, 2009

Discovery Channel Magazine

We highly recommend that you buy the Discovery Channel Magazine. There's no need to say how informative it is. What actually makes this magazine tick is that it's VERY easy to read. They show lots of photos. The ads aren't annoying and they aren't that many. The magazine is actually something you'll read cover to cover.

We got this copy from 7-11 store. You can most likely get it from any bookstore.
The Discovery Channel Magazine December/January 2010 issue comes with a neat 2010 Calendar.

SG $7.90
RM 14.90
PHP 250
HK $45
NT $180
TH 190
JP Y1050
KRW 9000
AUD $6.70
NZ $6.70
US $10

For Online subscriptions:



New Zealand:

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