Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Authentic Thai Massage in Siargao Island

Naldo and I work in Papa Wave Store 16 hours a day. Sounds crazy but we love what we do. And it helps that we're able to divide work depending on who does it best. Anyway, all work without play is never healthy. So during our rest day and that is every Monday before 4 pm, we make sure we go out and do something different.

Today, we visited Harmony Massage and gosh... the service is really, really awesome. First, they have a real massage bed which already promises comfort. That's a big deal because no massage shop here (that we know of) has one. Also the sheets were obviously clean, newly washed and not reused. 

Second, the oils they use are from Thailand and are all natural. When they showed us their coconut oil, we could tell how pure it was because of its color, clarity, and odor. Low quality coconut oils are usually yellowish and the odor is too strong that they almost smell bad. Third and most importantly, they give AUTHENTIC Thai massage. I've had my share of so-called Thai massages and in the end it felt like I've been mushed and crumpled (as if I'm no human being). But in Harmony Massage, the experience was totally delightful. The massage was energizing. The strength of the pressure applied is relevant to the body part and the massage rhythm is very consistent. There's a clear art and learned skill to it. 

So if you happen to be in Siargao, please check out Harmony Massage. They offer foot massage, oil & aromatherapy massage, sunburn treatment, waxing and a lot more. It's located in Emerald House Village, Cloud 9.

Now I know exactly what to give my mom on her birthday.  ;-)


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