Sunday, August 17, 2014

Magpupungko Rock Pools

One of our favorite destinations, every Monday, here in Siargao Island is Magpupungko rock pools. 

What makes this place worthwhile for us is its natural aquarium. It's the perfect place to go snorkeling. The pools are just full of life!

All photos were taken using a simple S3 phone camera. And if it matters, the only thing we did to the photos was add a watermark. What I'm really trying to say is the place is naturally amazing. You can close your eyes, take photos, and the pictures would still come out beautiful. 


1. The best time to go there is during low tide otherwise you won't have access to the pools. So please check websites or ask locals for tide info.
2. There's really no need for you to hire a tour guide to go there. If you know how to ride a motorbike, rent one.  There are lots of motorbikes for rent in Gen. Luna and they cost around ₱500 depending on the model, etc.
3. Make sure your gas tank is full. Magpupungko is located in Pilar, Siargao Island and is around an hour and a half away from Gen. Luna (depends on your speed of course).  Oh! And don't forget to check your tires.
4. Honestly, you probably won't enjoy the place as much if you don't go swimming. So please bring your swim wear.  And if you're a devil-fruit user (like us), bring a life vest or a swimming aid because the pools are around 5 to 10 meters deep. (Note: Devil-fruit users are characters from "One Piece" who have ingested fruits that gives them special powers but make them lose the ability to swim.)
5. Speaking of things to bring, don't forget your snorkeling gear with you. Again, the pools are natural aquariums. 
6. The place is pretty isolated so please bring your phone. 
7. Don't leave your valuables unattended. Bring a reliable dry bag.
8. Entrance fee is ₱50 each person.


That's it for now. Have a great day everyone!

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