Saturday, October 11, 2014

Phat Kat Bikes

We thought we'd want less things once we're on the island but we were so wrong. Being so close to nature makes us very interested in all sorts of island gear. And two on our wishlist are the kick-ass beach-perfect PHAT KAT BIKES!!!

These are exactly the colors we like. They match our Papa Wave logo. ;-)

And you don't have to live on the island to appreciate these bikes. Big wheels rock anywhere, anytime! Plus they make awesome anniversary gifts, don't you think? Adventure + exercise = . priceless moments together (*awww!). Hmmm... Christmas is not so far too, you know. (*hint *wink!)

These Phat Kat bikes are now available here in the Philippines. And YES, the bike/s can be shipped to you. Here are the contact details for the Phat Kats. Email:     Phone:    +0933-450-7732. Or please click link -> Phat Kat Bikes

That's it for now. Have a great day every one!

p.s. Phat Kat bike photos are owned by John Bercic. (Thanks :-) John! heee!)

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