Saturday, September 18, 2010

Manila Book Fair 2010

Today, Naldo and I went to the 31st Manila International Book Fair at SMX Convention Center (beside Mall of Asia). It's a five-day event which started last Wednesday (September 15).
It was our first time to attend it and it's probably the largest book fair we've been to.
There's no entrance fee (because we arrived past 7 p.m.) +++ a lot of books are on discount. It's the perfect place to be. We were there past seven pm so it wasn't that crowded. :D
It's nice to see kids read.
I look like I'm about to get swallowed by the shelf. :D
Here are the books we got. Both are by Reader's Digest: The Wildlife Year is only PhP295 and How Was it Done is PhP300. That's pretty cheap for good books eh?

If you haven't gone to the book fair yet, tomorrow will be its last day. +++The Best of Anime 2010 (a cosplay event) will also be held tomorrow.
Hope to see you there! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. We paid 20ph for entrance fee, why is that?- L

  2. Ooops sorry 'bout that... Yeah there was supposed to be a Php20 entrance fee. But we arrived past 7 pm, so it was free entrance already. Lucky us! :D