Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Godeater is a role-playing game (RPG) unfortunately we can not understand Japanese. I'm surprised how Naldo and I are on Level 4 now. For some reason, we can't seem to wait for the English version. Good thing the game is really easy. It's got multi player mode like Monster Hunter. You get to create weapons from monster parts. You get to change your hair style and outfit, buy and sell items, re-take completed missions, etc.

While on single mode, you can take missions alone or with AI friends. In most missions you can choose your companions but in "storyline" missions, they're assigned. Another good thing about the game is that when you get knocked-out, your friend can revive you. When the whole team gets knocked-out, only the player/s will get revived and the player/s will have to revive the AIs. When on multi-player mode, only the leader can take the mission. By the way, we also like how they made gathering easy with the sparkles.

Here are some of the commands: (note [] is square, sorry don't know how to do the keyboard shortcut)
O = yes/ pick up sparkles
X = no/ return
[] = slash/pierce/fire (type of attack depends on weapon used)
▲ = dash+slash
X = jump
X + (attack buttons [] or ) = for "aerial" attacks as there are flying monsters
R + [] = weapon attribute (depending on weapon used)
Hold [] = charged slash (depending on weapon used)
R + analog = run
O = dash
R + O = defend/shield
Hold ▲ = god (for stronger attacks) & collect monster parts
R = change weapon blade to barrel or barrel to blade
Hold L= aim
To open item pouch:
Select, then L or R to choose, [] to use

There are still a few tricks we're trying to figure out, so we're pretty sure we missed out on things. Please feel free to share what you know in the comments box below. Thanks!

I love how my avatar looks like me. Just wish i could change hair color just like her. Anyway, here's a video of screen shots from the game play. Hope you enjoy it. Have fun playing Godeater!

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