Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Best of Anime 2010

Naldo and I were at the SMX Convention center again but this time we were there for "The Best of Anime 2010". Entrance fee was PhP100 (like always). Inside were booths selling toys, action figures, genki hats, wigs, contact lens, costumes and anything anime-ish.

We only got to watch the band called "Bandersnatch". We liked the songs they played especially the third one (can't remember the song but if you do please post in the comments box below).

The highlight of the event was of course the cosplay competition. We really liked the hosts this time because they really know their anime and to us that's important when hosting such show. The male host a.k.a "Kenkoy" was awesome at being goofy. He got the crowd going by making "sound effects" for the cosplayers. :D

Here's a slideshow from The Best of Anime 2010 at SMX. (Sorry for the bad quality but we had to compress it for faster upload.)

After the event, we went to Manila Book Fair. Like yesterday, we did NOT have to pay the entrance fee. (Hmmm... maybe arriving late is a grand entrance... -just kidding! :D) We got two more books. The Banana Recipes is only PhP20. :-)

p.s. If you're one of the cosplayers (slideshow above) and you'd like to have a copy of your photo, please let us know via comments box (below) and leave your email ad. We'll be happy to send you original/uncompressed copy of it. :-)

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