Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Digicam Photography

Since the anime convention, Shirl has been so eager to learn photography. She has not only been asking Naldo to teach her but she's been reading a lot about it and she's also been befriending her digital camera.

Things she has learned so far:
1. It's very important to learn the camera settings.
2. There's such thing as MACRO settings that you can turn on for small subjects.
3. Digital Cameras CAN take GREAT photos. It's all about perspective, having a steady hand, good lighting and simply being keen.
4. Take several photos of the subject -one ought to be right.
5. Practice makes perfect.
Here are some of the shots Shirl has taken using a Sony DSC-W110 (7.2 megapixels).

Here are some shots by Naldo:
Thank you for reading this post and hope we've inspired you. The world is absolutely beautiful. Go see it through your digicam. Have fun!