Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shirl's Matron-of-Honor Outfit

Traditionally, it's the Bride who picks the bride's maids' dresses. It's one of the nerve-wracking decisions she has to make. And no matter how organized she is, a busy bride will always have the tendency to overlook a few detail. So as principal attendant, it's your duty to remind her about things gone wrong and have the initiative to fix them.

Perfect example is the yellow empire-cut dress that the bride has picked for me. When i got it, the bronzy gold bow at the back was skimpy. Even if you haven't seen the original design, you can tell that it's not right. Another error was that the bow at the back and the waist band in front were not the same color. The band in front is too pale- it makes me ask why it's there if it's supposed to be unnoticeable like that. So I had the bow and the bands fixed. The original bow was satin. For the replacement, I chose a coarser and stronger fabric to make the ribbon look sturdy. Check the differences.

After the bride, the maid or matron of honor is the one whom wedding guests look at. Remember as maid-of-honor, you are representing the bride's taste in fashion. So you have to take a step ahead in making yourself look beautiful but should not seem to compete with the appearance of the bride.

Spruce up your maid of honor outfit with appropriate items that will best work with it. Make sure that the accessory you choose doesn't overpower your outfit. Look at your outfit’s colors, feel, and texture when choosing accessories.

Since I'm so Disneyholic, I'm going for that yellow-blue color palette. Even if it's so last year, i think blue nicely sets off the yellow. Even Snow White thinks so. ;-)

I love it when my shoes match my bag and when my jewelry compliment whatever i'm wearing. Although it seems like they came in pairs, every piece was actually bought separately from different stores/brands. Pretty cool huh?

shoes Mario d'boro, clutch bag Landmark

earrings and bracelet SM Dep't store, bangle Cinderella

Here's my overall look. Hope you like it. :-)

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