Friday, May 31, 2013

Vehicle 19

Vehicle 19 received low scores in the reviews but it's really not that bad. And the plot was actually good. Perhaps one reason why they rated it so low was because they could only compare it to "The Fast and the Furious" and other car-action movies out there. And why would anyone expect much from Paul Walker's acting? I mean haven't they seen his other movies? 

Anyway, I think you have to be someone who has played NFS or GTA to appreciate Vehicle 19. The scenes from start to finish, the neighborhood, even the incidental characters reminded us so much of these games. The car wash and paint shop scene was sooo GTA! 

By the way, NFS = Need For Speed and GTA = Grand Theft Auto.

So if you feel like watching Paul Walker do some of your favorite GTA or NFS moments, watch Vehicle 19. But if you expect academy award-winning everything, then stay away.

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