Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Things I'm Eyeing

Hi everyone! It's me Shirl and I'd like to share random photos of things (from the internet) that I'm currently eyeing.

1. These Swatch watches are so pretty! I wonder if they're waterproof. Two years from now, I'll be needing most of my stuff to be waterproof and/or water resistant.

2. How cute can these shoes be? They're pretty cheap too. The most expensive is only around Ph₱2000.

The following - I REALLY, REALLY WANT!

3. Anything solar-powered is too cool! I wonder if there's a store here in the Philippines that sell these Energizer products?

4. Either of these rock! I have never used nailers before but I trust both brands. Plus I won't have any trouble looking for parts or accessories because Black&Decker and Bosch are popular here.

5. Bosch 10" worksite table saw. If I can have this, it will be my favorite thing on earth!

6. Bosch Power Hand Saw.

By now you're probably wondering what a girl could possibly like in power tools? Well, when I was a kid I secretly wanted to be a carpenter. Sadly I live in a country where such profession is snubbed. This is another reason why I wanted to be Japanese so badly. The Japanese have respect for these kind of jobs. In Japan all I'll have to do is find an artisan and apply as an apprentice. Here try to do that and your parents will forget you exist especially when they've been working their ass off just to send you to a good college. So yeah, that's the story.

Now let's go back to the cool stuff, shall we?

7. GoPro: Hero 3 White Edition HD Camera

That's all for now. What about you? What are the things you're eyeing? Please share below. :-)


  1. The grass is always greener, dear Shirl! I have a cousin who loathes his job as a carpenter, though he never had an ambition to be one the way you do. In Australia, where I live, you must be in a trade for at least five or so years before you can obtain a builder's license and develop property, which he's planning to do. And to become a tradesperson, you must work at least a year or so as an apprentice, which is never easy.

    Anyhow, it's always nice to read up on what little slice of your life you share on your blog. Do keep it up!

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting our site. Wow--- a year+ later and I still don't have any of the above. LOL! Anyway I know it's tough to be a carpenter. I don't think I have the brains for it either. I tried building a small cabinet last March and it felt like I was building a house. But I still wish to be one. I have so much respect for carpenters and anyone in the construction business. I really hope your cousin gets a big break.

  2. Shirling i got a Go Pro ... but i have to study more,