Friday, September 9, 2011

Gosick (Anime)

I've been watching first episodes of anime on Crunchyroll today and what got my attention was this show called "Gosick".

Gosick has a Detective Conan feel to it but still it's distinctive. I like the drawing. I love the setting. Love-love-love the opening song ("Destin Histoire")! I also love the chemistry between Kazuya and Victorique. They just made it to my favorite anime couples list. Victorique is sooo kawaii! She reminds me of L from Death Note because she's also a genius and she eats as much sweets. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous! She's like Rapunzel but cuter. =)

Although I got this clip from the intro-video, my favorite quote in the first episode was:

Hah! Boredom is also my archenemy. So I imagine myself to be Victorique and Naldo to be Kazuya. But thinking about it... Naldo is the genius one. Wait, wait - I have a sweet tooth so yeah... I can still be Victorique. Yay! Hahaha! Imagination. Don't you just love that word?

Anyway, my favorite episode is Ep. 8 "Howling Echoes from the Kingdom of the Past." If you watch Gosick, you'll understand why. I can't believe I watched the whole series (24 episodes) straight in a day.

So if you like detective stories in anime, then you might just like "Gosick". Have a great Friday!

p.s We don't own the images. All rights reserved to the creators/writers of Gosick.

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  1. This one seems like an anime with detective and romantic vibes. It's cool that you've compared the couple with you! I love imagining, too! My favorite anime couple is Lulu and CC from Code Geass. Do you know 'em? :)

  2. We've heard of Code Geass because the characters get cosplayed a lot but sadly we don't know Lulu and CC yet. =( Right now, we're watching Demon Bane and we'll watch Code Geass after. By the way, thanks for including your site (veoh). Hope you're having a great day!