Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NHK WORLD - Broadcaster's Eye

There's a program on NHK WORLD TV called BROADCASTER's EYE that shows award-winning documentaries and drama. And they are really amazing! The stories are so beautiful and heartwarming. We're really crossing fingers that they air the first three episodes again so that people who missed them can watch.

Anyway, there's another one entitled "Mieruhi - Coming Home" which will be aired on June 19 this Sunday at these hours: 0:45/ 4:45/ 8:45/ 12:45/ 17:10/ 21:40 (UTC). For your timezone schedule, please click here.

I think this episode is a drama and we're so excited to see it because the dramas are usually on NHK Premium, which is in Japanese. Anyway, it will be about a father and son. The father was having trouble with their family business and so he and his wife had frequent fights which eventually led to a divorce. Their only son then started hating his father and left home. The father didn't hear a word from his son for ten years. And just when the father was ready to move on considering to remarry, the son came back.

So yeah... if you happen to be not doing anything on Sunday and just watching tv and channel surfing and you happen to like Japanese dramas, please check out NHK World. Again, their tv schedule is here. Don't forget to click your time zone and the date June 19.

Have a great day!

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  1. This sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads-up.