Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Metro Manila with Denise

I don't like going around Metro Manila because of its bad reputation, heavy traffic, suffocating air pollution a hundred reasons hence I haven't been to its cities' tourist spots. The cosmic universe must have taken notice of my absolute lack of eagerness to get to know my own metropolis that it sent me Denise. Denise is our newly found Fijian friend and is such an inspiration. She has the most incredible (to the nth power) stories! Honestly, listening to her was more enjoyable than sightseeing in Intramuros. If only I could take photos of her stories...

Anyway, I did have a few favorites from our tour.

I've always loved wood carvings on church doors. This one is San Agustin Church's main door.

Here's the interior of the church.

Not sure if the pipe organ works. I wish it still does. I remember Davy Jones in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here's the art they call trompe l'oeil or "deceive the eye".

Manila Cathedral's main doors

"La Pieta"; It may be a replica but it's good enough for me.

So far, Manila Cathedral has the most beautiful stained glass windows I've seen.

a modern cross (i think!)...

another pipe organ...

A kalesa ride in Intramuros costs 350 pesos for thirty minutes and of course it takes longer than that to go around the walled city. Here's Manong Romeo, our "kuchero"/tour guide.



more oxymoron...

This so weird! Spanish era cannon plus WWII bomb? Haha! :D

Casa Manila Museum is a replica of a 19th century Philippine upper class or Ilustrados residence. Although the three-storey house was constructed in 1981, the furniture and decorations inside are all antiques.

Unfortunately, photos and videos are not allowed inside and there are guards dressed in old "guardia civil" uniforms to enforce that.

It's always nice to meet people who love what they do... like this guy. Denise waved at him gesturing she'll take a photo but then he left. We thought he didn't want to have his picture taken and so Denise was like "I wish I didn't tell him." But then he came back, he actually just went to get his hat. Awesome!!!

I didn't take a lot of photos because I'm planning to go back with Naldo. There were museums that Denise and I didn't get the chance to go to- we were beat and a day is simply not enough. I wish to write a comprehensive guide next time. Meanwhile please check Denise's Our Manila Jaunt. Thank you so much!

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