Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari is a great family field trip destination. The zoo may be too conventional for adults but it's awesome for kids.

The location is a little bit isolated plus the area is huge so it's perfect for a menagerie. But the place still needs a lot of improvement. Some of the attractions are in what used to be air base bunkers. That would have been okay but it lacked presentation - what we're saying is that they can do better.

Here's the map...

Here's the white tiger at the entrance. Cage is too small for him, don't you think?

Inside the Zoobic Park, there are:

some colorful birds

a few deary deers...

bald camels in love

a lazy lioness...

a white water buffalo who thinks he's a cow

lots of goats and sheep for sale

They have a short animal show.

They have trams that take you to farther areas.

Here's the Tiger Safari Ride where you get to "feed" the tigers.

Tigers are awesome! (Go UST! Whew! Tiger Power! - hehe!)

You can feed the crocodiles too but if you come late in the afternoon (like we did), they're probably already full.

That's it for now and thank you for visiting. Have a pleasant week!

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  1. this blog was of great help! Thanks for posting these informations..i needed it badly for my plate, i'm about to do a safari park and this really helps! thanks! ^_^

    =ms. ron tiongson, 3rd yr landscape architecture student at BSU