Friday, May 27, 2011

Biak Na Bato

We were supposed to just buy pastillas de leche (carabao milk candy) in San Miguel, Bulacan but decided to drop by Biak Na Bato National Park. Good thing we did!

It was here where the revolutionary Emilio Aguinaldo and his fellow members of the Katipunan declared the first ever republic (Biak na Bato Republic) in the Philippines.

There are pathways that make trekking easier --- so no, you don't have to hold unto tree roots to get somewhere. Although we kinda prefer the roots - heee! =D

Mosses bring out a green and purple color palette making the stalactites look really pretty.

Sadly there are some who finds joy in vandalism. Our tour guide, Roger, complained about how some Filipinos can be so careless and irresponsible.

This cave called Bahay Paniki (bahay=house; paniki=bat) is a million times bigger than it looks.

Find me in photo below and see how huge the cave is.

The rocks seemed like giant walls - they make perfect natural background for a fashion shoot. (lightbulbs!)

Inside the cave was another world. The moss and ferns almost glowed and they reminded us of a scene in the movie Avatar.

The rock formation --- rocks! Heeee! =D

One of the must-sees is this huge "Dao" Tree. This is the biggest tree probably the oldest we have seen - so far. We hope to see more.

Here's a view from the picnic ground. It's great that the river is still clean enough for swimming.

We'll definitely go back because there are caves that we haven't explored yet. Plus our tour guide said that the view from the top of Bundok ng Susong Dalaga (bundok=mountain; susong=breasts; dalaga=maiden) is breathtaking. There's also an indigenous tribe called Dumagats on the other side of the mountain who we want to meet. Roger also mentioned that the Dumagats trade wild boar's meat for canned goods -that we want to experience. =)

That's it for now and hope you're having an awesome weekend!

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