Friday, January 9, 2015

One Piece Fan Art: Den Den Mushi

Five months ago, an acquaintance gave us a nautilus shell and the first thing I thought of when I got it was a Den Den Mushi. (Special thanks to Barry and Emma for identifying the shell.) For those who don't know what a Den Den Mushi is... it's a snail that is used as a communication device or telephone in the world of One Piece. They kinda look like Gary the Snail in the Spongebob cartoons except the Mushis have dials and telephone cords attached to them. 

Anyway, we finally got some free time to make our Den Den Mushi! Sculpting is simply one of our favorite activities together.
It already looks nice without paint.

But with paint, it looks a lot more like Papa Wave Store's Den Den Mushi! Yay!

There are still two pieces missing. We will sculpt the mouth piece when we have the twisted phone wire already. Hopefully we find a colored one in Manila. 

    Bullo-bullo-bullo-bullo! ;-)


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