Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 DIY Dock

Hello everybody! Naldo here!
It's been months since I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I'm very happy with it. This is my first smart phone btw, so I was surprised that this thing gobbles up battery like crazy!!! At first I thought I got a faulty battery but this seems to be normal with any smart phones.
I charge this phone like everyday and it's just lying around on my desk when I do, so I decided to make a cheap DIY dock. 

Although this dock doesn't activate "Dock mode", you can download apps from the Google store that activates a mock dock mode when Galaxy S3 is connected to a charger or PC.

If you want to learn how to make it, read more below. ↓

Most of the materials I used are recycled. The only thing I bought is the cable which cost only a dollar.

Good thing I have lots of scrap wood at my backyard.

Step 1: Measure the device.

Step 2:  Draw your design. I wanted a tall one that can support the the S3's back while docked. My S3 also has a leather casing so I want a design that can support additional thickness and weight.

Step 3: Measure and cut your wood. As any master wood craftsman would say: Measure twice cut once.

Step 4:  Fit and drill screw holes.


Step 5: Assembly

Step 6: It's now time to sand down the rough wood prior to varnish.

Needs to be sanded down more.

The fit is good but this still needs a lot of work. I couldn't wait (hehehe!).

Step 7: Apply Lacquer Sanding Sealer to make the wood super smooth.

Step 8: Wiring. 
Drill a hole on top. The width of the hole depends on the wire you''ll be using. I bought a Php50 (1US$) micro USB to USB data cable. After wiring, I used a non-slip mat to cover the wiring. You can use other materials such as paper or wood as well.

I made sure that the Micro USB connector to the phone can move backward and forward. This way even if I remove or replace my current case the phone's back can sit freely on the back rest.

Backward ←

Forward →

And here it is...charging!

Thanks for viewing!

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