Friday, March 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Hello! It's been a while since our last post. It's been crazy-busy lately. The past months, we've dedicated ourselves to pursuing our dreams and indeed things are going great. For now we're just gonna keep to ourselves all the overdue posts/photos and go with the time skip.

We will however share our Valentine's day activity and third year wedding anniversary celebration. We are a happy couple and we hope to inspire other couples who are not much into doing things together. Before anything else, there's a couple of things you need to know about us. First, we don't bother with gifts. Instead, we think of activities. Nothing beats wonderful memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Second, our goal is always to not spend so much or not spend at all. Traveling to another country or going to a fancy restaurant is too simple for us. We like to take the challenge of coming up with something that makes every year unique for us. It does not necessarily have to be something Phineas and Ferb would do, just have to be something we don't do everyday.

This year's Valentine's Day, we did FACE PAINTING.
1.stopwatch or any clock
2. face paint
3. wet wipes (for erasures) ;D
4. mirror (to be covered until after the artwork is done)
5. camera

1. We covered all the mirrors or any reflective surface in the house. No one was allowed to see either faces until the face artwork is done.
2. Once everything was set, we faced each other and gave three minutes or so to think of a drawing. It was a little bit romantic in a way because we were just staring at each other's faces.
2. After planning, we started painting. We took turns. And just so one doesn't spend more time than the other, we took turns every minute. It was also a lot of fun that way.
3. It took us probably more than an hour or so to finish each other's face art. We thought it would be shorter than that but we were having too much fun.
4. Only after the artwork was finished that we looked at the mirror together. We were surprised that our drawings almost had the same details. We had the same idea and that made us feel good about each other.
5. We both loved each other's artwork so much that we almost didn't want to wash our faces. So we took lots and lots of photos.

You can always modify the idea. If you don't like paint on your face, then you can go for something sexy like body painting or something funny like feet painting. (feet painting(?)--- that would be torture! hahahaha!)

That's it. It's really late to say this but hope you guys had a wonderful and memorable Valentine's Day like we did. =) If not, then therés always next year. Remember, Valentine's Day is not just a couple's day. It's for everyone with a heart. Love and be happy.

Will post our third year anniversary celebration soon.

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  1. Nice Nald and Shirl, it's always inspiring seeing how you both share LOVE and experience sweetly as if its always the first time day by day.. More more Love and completeness to you both..

  2. Hi Sean! Thanks for dropping by and the sweet wishes. :-)