Wednesday, August 17, 2011


DOTA 2 is being shown in public for the first time today. We're no master gamers but we're huge fans of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) so we're really looking forward to its sequel.

Right now we're watching The International or the DOTA2 championships. There's been a lot of lag going on so blogging is possible. ;-)

The International features the 16 best Dota Teams in the world and is being broadcast in four languages (Chinese, English, German and Russian) free of charge. Although some match, like the one we're watching at this moment, is only being broadcast in English due to bandwidth constraints.

We just finished watching the match between team Na'vi -Ukraine vs team Scythe - Singapore (poor Venomancer!). Team Na'vi won -Congrats! That was a great game. Love the "Roshan" incident but Team Na'vi was already imba.

The prize distribution for the top teams is as follows:
First place: $1,000,000 USD (now don't you wish you were a professional gamer?)
Second place: $250,000 USD
Third place: $150,000 USD
Fourth place: $80, 000 USD
Fifth place: $35,000 USD
Sixth place: $35,000 USD
Seventh place: $25,000 USD
Eight place: $25,000 USD (not bad at all, eh?)

Next match is between Team MUFC - Malaysia vs. Team MYM - Denmark. Team MUFC has 0 win and 2 losses. Team MYM has 1 win and 1 loss. Who do you think is gonna win? Let's watch and see...

So here was the line-up (MUFC vs MYM). By the way, if you've missed the live match, you can watch the replay here. Just click "view" under match page.

MUFC had a good start by drawing first blood but so did MYM by destroying two towers early in the game. Team MYM also killed Roshan twice in this game. We think their teamwork was pretty awesome.

Congratulations Team MYM!

Basing on the scores, teams EHOME (China), (Europe) and Na'vi (Ukraine) all have 3 wins and 0 loss. So these must be the three teams to watch out for.

Quarterfinals is scheduled tomorrow -August 18, Semi-finals on Friday- August 19 and Finals will be on Saturday -August 20. May the best team win.

That's it for tonight. Meanwhile, have an OWNING night every one!

p.s. Congrats Team Na'vi for winning first place. =)

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