Thursday, April 7, 2011

Traveling Handicraft Merchant

Encountering this handicraft merchant was like traveling to the past. It's because we rarely see them anymore. Their way of trading is almost like an endangered industry.

Naldo talked to the young merchant (above: in purple) and found out that the boy and his caravan came all the way from Pangasinan and have been on the road for a month now. They'll only travel back to their hometown when they have sold all of their products. From the look of it, they won't be going home yet. (*sad-much!)

I wanted to take more photos --- y'know picture perfect ones without the unwanted human body parts (go and find them) but we were late for something more important. Anyway, their handicrafts are pretty well-made. We even bought a 150-peso basket which Kultura and Papemelroti sells for a ridiculously much higher price. So that's it for now. Meanwhile I'll be decorating the basket. (To see the basket, click here.)

Have a happy April!

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