Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Phone "S" QV27 Duo

This was my old phone.
Every one close to me had been pleading me to buy a new one. There were days (mind the plural) when Naldo wanted to throw it and I was like "Nooo!"-LOL! I admit it looks a bit shameful but it was working fine and I'm not really a cellphone person, so I didn't mind. Yes, I'm real and I'm not from another planet. I do love gadgets but I prefer Xbox and Playstation 3 over cellphones. I think I've had this phone for a thousand years then two weeks ago, its lights died. So I had to buy a new one.

I got the My Phone "S" QV27 Duo. It's only PhP4790 (US$108). It's the cheapest phone I can find that looks "girly".
I'm not gonna be talking about it as if I'm a manual, I'll only show you the things I like. First, I really love the cellphone itself. It's cute and compact. It has crystals on it and it even has a mirror. It truly is a cell phone for girls.
Plus it matches my laptop.
Second, I love the packaging. It's pink and it says S on it. S for Shirl- Yay! LOL! The phone comes with the basics: manual, charger, earphones and product cds.
The phone is very user friendly. I was able to use it and customized its settings without reading the manual. FYI, it's not wi-fi ready so if you're an "internet-via-cellphone" person, then this phone is not for you.

If you want to know more about MyPhone, please click here. By the way, it's PhP4999 online. The price I gave above was the store price. =)

That's it! Have a great day!

Here's for Anonymous regarding question where the memory card is.

From page 12 of manual: "Open the back cover to take out the battery, release the T-flash card lock, insert the T-flash card into its slot, and restore the lock and the battery before restarting the mobile phone."

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  1. .where is the memory card slot??

  2. .do u think it's a technical problem in my phone qv27 because for example i'm done texting as usual the backlight gets off then when i'm going to use it again a white blank page appears so i'm going to turn it off then on again to operate it properly there any options to resolve this problem?..thank you your reply is very much appreciated..

  3. Hello there! The memory card slot is shown on page 12 of your MYPHONE QV27 manual. You'll need a T-FLASH card. But if you currently don't have the manual, we've updated this post - additional photo and details above.

  4. Regarding "... a white blank page appears so i'm going to turn it off then on again to operate it properly...", I have never encountered this. We think that there is definitely something wrong with the unit you got. No phone that is supposed to be turned on and working properly (that we know of) completely turns to a completely blank/white screen. There will always be words left on the topmost left or/and right and bottom most left or/and right of the screen (examples: abc, SMS: #/#, options, exit or back). We suggest you have your phone checked; exchanged if it still falls within the warranty period. Hope you find a solution to your phone and sorry if we're not much help.

  5. Hi I recently bought this too :) I'm really confused with it though, how do change the ringtone? And can you put it on silent?

  6. Hello MARJORIEROSE, to change the ringtone: please go to Menu
    -> my settings, OK
    -> my user profiles , Ok
    -> General , Options
    -> 2 Customize , Ok
    -> 1 Tone settings , Ok
    -> 1 Sim1 incoming call , Ok
    -> (scroll all the way down til number says , Options
    -> 3 replace , Options
    -> Phone , Open
    -> My Music folder , Open
    -> then choose song.

  7. and to put it on silent:
    please go to Menu
    -> my settings, OK
    -> my user profiles , Ok
    -> Meeting, Options
    -> 2 Customize, Ok
    -> 3 Alert Type, Ok
    -> Vib. only
    -> then just press back twice and choose Activate

    You can also set Ring type to Single and customize other settings according to your preference. =)

  8. Hi is this phone is really great for Instant Messaging? Or can I download some Application for chatting for example Ebuddy? Coz I love the phone itself but I have to find a phone which is applicable for Instant Messaging. thanks :)

  9. Hello there! Re: your question if the phone is great for Instant Messaging? My answer will be NO. It has GPRS that can give you access to the internet but GPRS is kinda "out" in my opinion. Using a GPRS connection is wayyyyyyy slower than wifi and slow Wi-fi is already annoying enough. I will only recommend this phone to those who just use their phone exclusively for calling purposes like I do. I suggest you get wi-fi phones. Myphone (same company as this phone) have neat wi-fi phones to choose from. Hope you find the right phone for you and hope you get it at a really great price too! =)

  10. hi where do u order this phone(sites)

  11. Hello there! Here's myphone's official site

  12. can i buy your phone??

  13. Hi! It's been 3 years since I got this phone. It doesn't charge properly anymore.

  14. do you know if there's any place that is still selling this?
    my daughter super loves this...and i was thinking of getting it for her as a bday gift.


    1. Hi! I checked Myphone's official site and it seems the company no longer carries this product. It's from 4 years ago so I doubt physical stores have it. BUT please check this" . It looks a bit like the S phone and your daughter might be interested in it. I believe Wellcom is in SM megamall. I hope this helps. And we wish your daughter a happy birthday. :-)

    2. And here's wellcom's site:

    3. Thank you...

      i'll check if they're selling...
      am at cebu eh...maghahanap ako ng Wellcom here.

      Thanks ulit.