Thursday, April 1, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON by Dreamworks is a must-see movie! It's about a young Viking wanting to hunt dragons but ends up befriending them instead. Yeah--- very simple plot! But it's really funny. The dialogue is so real. The voice cast did a great job. The animation is rockin' awesome! We loved it! It's a bit early to say this but it might become our favorite movie this year.

We think you'll appreciate this movie more if you play Monster Hunter. By the way, we're NOT comparing or saying someone copied what or whatever negative thing there is for you to say. A few of the dragons in the movie reminded us of the monsters in Monster Hunter. Another reason why we enjoyed it a lot. That's just it period. Check this out:

Night Fury from the movie(top) and Naruga Kuruga/Nargacuga from Monster Hunter(bottom)

Deadly Nadder from the movie(top) and blue Yian kut ku from Monster Hunter(bottom)

Monstrous Nightmare from the movie (top) and Crimson Fatalis from Monster Hunter (bottom)

There's one more but it's a spoiler. So that's it for tonight. Please do watch the movie and have fun!

For details, the movie's cool website is



  2. and the giant dragon from the movie and lao shan lung

  3. @Monster Hunter: ;D - It's nice to have a fellow hunter drop by. Have a great week ahead!