Friday, July 3, 2009

Grand Prize Winner - Time of Eve Fan Art Contest

I can't believe I won the Time of Eve Fan Art Contest at I'm so happy. :-) I created a bas relief book which I think is a simple but a unique idea. My work shows two Time of Eve characters, namely Rikuo and Sammy, playing the piano together. Because of that, Naldo suggested the title "A dream for now". I love it! :-)


When you open it...

The prize was a framed limited Time of Eve trading card sold only in Japan. The card was personally signed by Mr. Yoshiura himself.

For those who don't know what Time of Eve is, you may check their official website: click here.

FYI: We do NOT own Time of Eve and anything of it and we're not related in any way. We're just fans and supporters of the show.

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