Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday Party Games 2016

I was game master at our company year-end party this year. I'm sharing the party game ideas for those looking. I simply modified already-known party games. I chose these games because they don't require much materials and they're easy to play. And just to make sure everyone gets the chance to play, including the shy ones, we draw lots for the participants. 

The first game I named "Dancing Caterpillar." Its game play is a combined Musical Statue Parlor Game and Lozano Balloon Game. If you're not familiar with these two party games, musical statue is a game where players dance when music plays and they freeze when the same music stops. The Lozano balloon game (that's the search name in youtube) is a relay race where one member passes a balloon to the second member who in turn places the balloon in between them right at the tummy area. Then together they walk while making sure they keep the balloon in place without touching it at all. They walk to get the second balloon which they pass to the third member and this goes on until all members finish the task.

Special Rule:
The team who drops a balloon gets penalty freeze time.

Materials needed:
Dance music - to be paused and played anytime during the game

WARNING: Audio might be too loud so please adjust your audio settings before playing video file.

The second game is another relay race and I named it "Santa D'rag Race". The game play is a modified Minute to Win It: Magic Carpet Ride.

Special Rule: 
While riding the rag, player must ring a bell while singing "Jingle Bells".

Materials needed:
Foot rags
Santa Hats
Santa Beards
*** You may add Santa Costumes for more fun if your budget permits.


I'm including screenshots in case videos above don't play. And sorry for the video quality; had to reduce file size to its lowest.

Oh and checkout my blinking hair clip! It is actually a ring. I was going to put more but I was short in time.

By the way, our party's theme was Black and White and Wig. The wig was optional just to have color. I was the one who suggested black and white and Naldo suggested the wig idea. I specifically proposed the idea because I wanted to make it easy for everyone. I didn't like the idea of someone not being able to attend just because he/she doesn't have anything to wear. Thankfully, the rest of the party committee approved. 

That's all for now. Happy Holidays!

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