Friday, September 19, 2014

5th year anniversary - Wood

One of the things that make us "Naldo and Shirl" is that we ALWAYS celebrate our marriage.  This year's wedding anniversary theme is wood. We wanted our fifth year to be extra memorable so instead of celebrating in one day, we decided to dedicate ourselves to all sorts of wood projects throughout the entire year. And it’s the perfect time too since we've already planned on opening a store. It's like hitting two beer bottles with one stone. (We know the saying says "birds" but we'd rather not hurt the wonderful creatures. lol!)

So yeah... our first wood project this year was these two pillars. We got them in January. They're hard wood and they call it "ti-ga" here on the island. These pillars mean a lot to us because they came with a hard lesson. They’re also our very inspiration for coming up with Papa Wave Store’s interior design which is “rustic-cute”.

The second wood project we did was these shelves↓ ↓ ↓.  We didn't have a sanding machine back then so we had to do it the old-fashion way – very, very tough.  Naldo did putty and paint; I installed the boards. 

The shelves are not perfect but we’re proud of them. 

Third wood project is the store’s counter and souvenir wall. We had professional help but we did the final touches.  This time we got ourselves a sander - it's worth every peso.

Fourth wood project is the store’s logo board. We made two: one for indoors and the other for outdoors. We ran out of paint so Naldo burned the wood a bit (thus the charcoal black). I then applied varnish to seal the color. 


 The next projects won't be in order. By then, we just didn't take notes anymore. Anyway, we LOVE drift woods. They make fantastic decorations. Check ↓ ↓ ↓.

Okay... so the driftwood, bottle and boomerang don't make any sense but they look really nice together. Just consider this our little corner of random things.

This clock's original base was plastic which we broke two years ago. Good thing we kept the clock because we were able to create a base (out of driftwood and Palmera wood) for it and now it looks better than the original. 

We also made the store hour sign here and welcome sign below ↓ ↓ ↓ . And in case you're wondering, we get our drift woods from the beach. Whoever said "the best things are free" totally nailed it.

We also built a backroom shelf out of the extra pieces of wood we had. Since construction materials are sooo expensive on the island, we had to make sure nothing went to waste.  

This microwave table is more like Naldo's project for now because I haven't done my part yet. I'll apply paint or varnish in the future (???). ;-) We're already using it.  

 So as you can see it truly has been a WOODEN fifth year for us. We still have several wood works in mind like the store front ↓ ↓ ↓ . We'll have tables and chairs, more wooden signage, etc. We wish to accomplish all by the end of the year. We'll update this post then.

Meanwhile we hope this post has, in a way, inspired you in celebrating your marriage. To couples out there, stay in love and be happy. 

p.s. Next year will be candy. Now that will be a tough one. lol!
To know more about our 4th year wedding anniversary theme, please click this link.


  1. Love all your projects naldo and shirling! Especially the store logo now that is fantastic! - Lyrz

  2. Hi Naldo and Shirl, thanks for serving us so well! We featured you in our latest post: Sunny greetings from Cebu! :D


  3. Wow sounds interesting that wedding anniversary theme is wood. Never seen or heard this wood theme earlier. It’s incredible and unique way to enjoy vow renewal party. Thanks for sharing such a unique thought with us.