Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Year of Busyness

If 2012 had letters equivalent, it'll be B-U-S-Y. But then that wouldn't make sense coz there'll be two letters for the number 2. Anyway, 2012 is a year of busyness for us.
bus·y·ness [biz-ee-nis] noun
1.the quality or condition of being busy.
2.lively but meaningless activity.

Meaningless? Hmmm... ours was definitely meaningFUL!!! Heee! :-D

We have been out of touch for almost a year because we transferred to a location where DSL connection is not possible and wi-fi is ridiculously sss...lll...ooo..www. When I say ridiculously, I mean it takes 5 minutes to send an email slow. Just imagine how long it'll take to upload photos. Thankfully one of the internet companies we talked to said they can offer us a new device that will give us better connection and hopefully they walk their talk. Right now, we're on trial mode and we would like to take this opportunity to... blog! Heee!

So, what have we been up to? 

For our third year anniversary, we celebrated it "Wild Wild West" style since the item for third year anniversary is leather. 

In July, we took care of Atlas caterpillars for almost three months and now we know the life cycle of the world's  largest moth by heart. Heee! This, by the way, is one of the most rewarding experience. Seeing them come out of their cocoons and spread their wings was epic! 

We took a lot of videos and we hope to share them as soon as we're done editing.

We've done lots of just-for-fun projects in various fields from carpentry to sculpting to landscaping. We also learned that both of us have green thumb. Anything we plant (in the right conditions--- haha! talk about disclaimers), seems to grow nicely. 

Most of all, we've been VERY involved in animation. Speaking of which, here's Naldo's most recent direction for a local brand. Hope you enjoy the video. It's in Filipino language so here's a "rough" translation. 

Nagaraya presents... the Dream Job!
Big Guy: Hey kid, you want a job?

Kid: Of course boss, anything! 
Big Guy: Are you okay in the dark? 
Kid: Uh... definitely. 
Big Guy: Are you okay in tight spaces? 
Kid: Absolutely boss! 
Big Guy: Can you handle lots and lots of money?
Kid: Why... that's so easy boss! What's the job?
Big Guy: You'll be counting money...              
Kid: Awesome----
Big Guy: Inside the ATM.
Kid: Huh?
Are you Nuts? Just like Nagaraya, the original cracker nuts with the original crunch. (end of video)

So yeah, that's it for now. Have a great evening everyone! Stay in love.

*You might want to check Naldo's animation blog here. Or you might also be interested in our second year wedding anniversary celebration here. Our fourth year wedding anniversary is here.


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