Friday, June 24, 2011

Marikina Shoe Museum

I'll have to warn you that the photos below are going to be the crappiest you've ever seen. I didn't bring a camera with me thinking we won't be allowed to take photos (regretful much!). But the shoe museum staff allowed us and so I took pictures using my myphone (my myphone - gosh that sounded so wrong). Anyway, Marikina Shoe Museum is in Marikina City (haha! where else?). Can't remember how much the entrance fee was because Denise paid for it- she wouldn't let me pay for anything. And every time I get to "sneak-pay" for something like train tickets - she gets me a drink. Anyway, i'm grateful. (Thanks Denise!)

So here's the shoe museum. It looks like a small barangay office to me. The museum is right across Our Lady of the Abandoned Church along JP Rizal St. (Please take note that there's more than one JP Rizal St. in Marikina and there's also one in Makati so make sure you mention the church and Marikina. Another landmark would be Cafe Kapitan.)

Most of the shoes on display are Imelda Marcos's.

You'll be surprised (or not) about how ridiculous her collection is- was (who knows she could still be collecting!). 25 sets of the exact same pairs! Oh sorry - they're not exactly the same, coz they differ in color. I can imagine her shopping... "Oh I love the blue but the pink and beige are nice too! Oh the green ones are so pretty! But I also like orange! My darling Ferdinand, i'm so confused! It seems I've forgotten my favorite color! I should just get all of them. Somebody give me a color wheel so I can check and make sure I have all the color shades!"

And having all the color shades is not enough. She buys two sets of the exact same pair. "Oh Ferdinand, what if I get rain on them? I have to get an extra pair. Because when I'm wearing this particular outfit, I can only wear this particular shoes. The other 100 black pairs that I have that almost look like it won't look as good."

They're mostly Charles Jourdin and other expensive brands that I don't even know. But Denise knows all the brand and she said each pair costs $300-500.

Wiki says she had 2700 pairs so the shoes in this museum are just a fraction of her collection. She truly is a "symbol of extravagance". Now I wonder how many bags she had? Coz back then wasn't it a trend to have matching shoes and bags? I bet she had the half million dollar ones.

So do I hate Imelda Marcos? Not really. I don't know her and it's not my thing to hate. But one thing for sure is that we won't get along. If Imelda was my friend, i'd be a more intolerant Suze in Confessions of a Shopaholic and make her sell 98 percent of her shoes. Hmp!

So is the museum worth going to? Yes. It's different when you see it for yourself. Go for the sake of being there. Anyway, it's not that far. You can take the train to Cubao Station and from there get a cab. After the museum if you have a car, you can drive to Riverbanks Mall and check the largest shoes in the world. We didn't get to do that because it was getting late.

Just when I got over regretting that I left my camera, i see this. =(

That's it. Again sorry for the crappy photos. Have a great day! Please check Denise's blog on the shoe museum.

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