Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Second Year Anniversary

Traditionally, cotton is the symbol for the second year wedding anniversary and we made it the theme for our celebration. Just like how 'paperful' our first year celebration was, we wanted our second anniversary to be 'cottonful'. However, our special day fell on a workday so we celebrated at midnight and lessened the activities.

Days before the celebration, we bought:

1. Matching shirts. They weren't 100 percent cotton but we didn't mind. We were planning to have a shirt-printing activity but we couldn't find the paint we wanted.

2. New bed linens that are -this time -100% cotton ;-D We personalized the pillowcases -actually Naldo did.

3. The CUTEST cotton candy maker evah! It was sooo worth it!

It was both our first time to make cotton candy and that made the experience so unforgettable. It was pretty magical when the sugar "threads" or "floss" started to form inside the pan. Just by rotating the paper cone and making sure the floss gets its standard fluffiness - we realized that it's actually more fun making cotton candy than eating it. =)

Our cotton anniversary celebration was short and sweet -literally that is. Haha!

We dedicate this post to all the lovers in the world who are celebrating their second year anniversary. Happy cotton anniversary to you and we hope you have an awesome time.

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