Thursday, November 5, 2009

First-time Cosplayers

Cosplay, short for "costume roleplay, is a fan labor type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. (reference:

We've been to a lot of cosplay events and we've seen how fun it is. We've always been impressed by how much effort the cosplayers put into their costumes to look like their favorite anime or game characters. We told ourselves we gotta try it.

Being big anime fans, we didn't have a hard time choosing the characters we wanted to be. Naldo is a big "Gundam" enthusiast and decided to be Char Aznable. I just love "Oh My Goddess" and Urd is my favorite.

Then there was the option of having the costumes made professionally but we wanted to make them ourselves. Being first timers, it wasn't easy.

First, we printed photos of our chosen characters. Basing on the photos, we made a list of the things we needed.

Shopping for the items was the hardest part for us because we had to consider things like if material "A" will work with material "B", if it's easy to use and if we can afford it. Items like wigs and contact lens can be a little expensive. Just to give you an idea, the cheapest contact lens range from 600-800 pesos that's good for 3 months to a year. As for the wigs, it depends on the length. The shorter, the cheaper - of course.

As soon as we got what we needed, we took our measurements and made the patterns. Actually, Naldo did! (wink!)

After finalizing the patterns, we cut the cloths. Then we were ready to SEW SEW SEW!!!
The sewing part wasn't that easy as well because part of our costumes had a lot of detail in them.


Naldo had sewn the costume material with the pants he was wearing. LOL! Naldo needed buttons and forgot to include them in the list so he took some from his shirt instead.
I sewed my finger. Ouch! LOL! Even though they're very simple, we put a lot of hard work in our costumes. The result:

At the event (Anime Overload Festival '09, Nov. 8.- SMX, Mall of Asia), people referred to us as Char and Urd. Basing on that, we think it was a pretty successful cosplay.

We were also joined by our office friends who went as Kamen Riders. They also made their costumes themselves.
It was one awesome experience that we'll definitely try again! Maybe next time we'll join the competition or not. Anyway, which characters we'll be next? You'll see...


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