Saturday, October 24, 2009

Toy Collection

Thinking about collecting toys? We'd like to share a few tips as we show you a part of our collection.

1. You have to get yourself a toy display cabinet and we suggest you get the ones with locks. Remember not everyone will support you on this hobby. Your parents may think you're only wasting money, your girlfriend may think you're too old for it and your housemate may think the toys take too much space. The toy cabinet will not only keep your toys decoratively organized but will also protect them.
2. Toy collecting doesn't always have to be expensive. When we're in the mall even if we're not buying, we always take time to drop by the toy stores and check how much the toys are. This is the best way to compare prices especially when the stores go on sale. A lot of the toys we have were on 50-75% discount. That's the only reason why we're able to afford them.

3. Some toys can get really cheap in toy conventions so don't forget to check the internet for upcoming events near you.

We got this limited edition Ichigo figure at the Anime Overload Festival '09 last Nov.8 and it was half the market price. :-)

4. Before we buy a toy, we always check if it's well sculpted or off-model. We check every detail it has.

We've also noticed that most toys made in Japan are almost always good quality and very-well sculpted.
5. Since you're already on the net, you can also check for rare toys . Y'see not all people know that toys can mean so much. Some stores just sell them for the sake of getting rid of them.

We were so lucky to have this original Bandai Char Aznable made in Japan 1981. It is considered antique and we got it still sealed for an unbelievably cheap price- 89 pesos. The toy stands 4 inches tall. Naldo did the paintjob.
6. You might want your collection to be a certain genre. It can be all ROBOTS like StarWars, Transformers...
or all Gundam...
It can be CAPSULE toys of your favorite anime or cartoon...

We have Naruto, DragonBallz and a lot more. They're really nice to look at once the sets are complete. Completing them took months and some sets we have aren't even complete yet.

The challenge in capsule toy collecting is not getting doubles. We hope you find friends who have the same hobby so that if you do get the same one, then you can exchange it.

The Tsunades may look the same but actually they are two different versions. The first one has facial marks on them- actually that's their only difference. So if you think you got the same item, better double check because it might just be the other version.

If you're into stop-motion animation, your collection can be all POSABLE toys from movies and cartoons like the ones we have below.

Lord of The Rings' Gollum and Smeagol (We wanted to complete this set but the other characters were off-model so we just decided to have these two.)

KingKong (2005)
Avatar's Aang in avatar state and King Bumi (the toys actually look better than what the picture shows and we're still trying to complete this set.)
Take note, every toy has different points of articulation. The Monster Hunter figure has 24 points of articulation in total.

Or you can just have a general collection like what we have- it really depends on you. We love toys that can do real cool stuff.

This Kamen Rider Blade's eyes automatically light up when you turn the lights off. Check the video.

7. Watch the movies or animation. It gives more meaning to the hobby.

8. Get yourself a toy from every place you visit. The toys are pretty good souvenirs.

We bought these Toy Story's Buzz and Woody from Disneyland Hong Kong.

We bought this Death Note's Ryuk from Malaysia. We've never seen the same model or anything as good here (Philippines).

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