Monday, June 15, 2009

TOY CON 2009

Alas the awaited 8th Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies & Collectibles Convention is over! The event, held on June 13-14, 2009, was pretty successful but there were a few things that needed improvement. The whole physical set-up was a mess (stage, booth arrangement, etc.). The hosts were sometimes clueless (but that was not really their fault). There's more but we'd rather just talk about how fun it was because... it was!
Naldo joined the Customized Mecha Contest held on the first day. I joined the Toy Diorama contest held on the second day. So we had to be there on both days which was great because we experienced everything the convention had to offer.

Different toy booths plus the crowd....

Toys not for sale...

Fun Dioramas...
Interesting characters...

The band called The Chonkeys singing their original "Diksyonaryo".

These two were the hosts of the show. Don't really know their names. Sorry! :-(

Seeing the pretty Alodia in person... it was tough getting through the crowd.


From this plain model...
to this...
and finally this....
Naldo's Entry - #16 Recomissioned. It was the only entry inside a display case that day. Yeah, we were really protective of it. Hahaha!

Anyway, here are the other entries:
Second Place- Gundam Virtue Trial Mode
First Place - Red Frame Samurai
Sorry we don't have a photo of the third prize customized mecha but if you were there, it was the red gundam with a real glowing light on it's head.


First Place 3-9 inch category - Ultimate Silver Samurai

I really liked this one because it looked like the Pugad Baboy character broke out from the book.

The cosplayers were all awesome but of course we all have favorites. Here's ours:

Individual Category Winner:Best Comics- Anne Riel Athienza as Darna. She played the part really well.
Ashley Gosiengfiao

First Place - Major Bludd and Cobra Bot
Don't know which of these Snake Eyes entries won second and third place...

SHIRL'S ENTRY "War is Over" -
There's irony and a message beyond the cuteness. (wink!) Plus I just loved the little faucet Naldo made for me.

Third Place - Instruments of DestructionThird Place - Instruments of Destruction

Second Place - The Ring (sorry... photo not available)

First Place - Gotham After Midnight. The actual diorama looks way-way-way better and bigger than what the photo seems to show. I'm just not a good photographer period.

This Wolverine Diorama had light and bubble effects.

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