Friday, May 8, 2009

Hong Kong

We're hard-core backpackers meaning we don't really make hotel reservations and we definitely don't hire tour guides. Usually every trip is a challenge but Hong Kong is (so far) the most tourist-friendly country in Asia that we've been to. It offers a variety of fun and experience from shopping markets and theme parks to gardens and temples.
Day One:

Day Two:
Ladies' Market; Temple Street Night Market/Men's Market
Avenue of the Stars and Victoria Harbor Light Show

Day Three:
Cable Car
Ngong Ping Village; Giant Buddha

Man Mo Temple, Wisdom Path

Day Four:
Nan Lian Garden's Golden Pavilion
Chi Lin Nunnery

Hong Kong City view from the Peak Tram on the way to the Peak.
Tips for HK travelers:
1. They provide free maps and travel brochures at the airport so no need to buy them ahead.
2. We suggest you take hotels that are near the MTR stations. Their MTR makes it real easy to go around. Almost all of the must-see sites are accessible by train. Plus there are directional signs everywhere so it's impossible to get lost.
3. Best tip we can give: bring your MOST COMFY walking shoes or flip flops. You don't know walking until you've been to Hong Kong.

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